Prospect & Customer Programmes


generate leads

At Ignite we help our clients consider and implement different options in lead generation approach depending on the prospect audience being targeted.

If a client has a proposition with volume appeal then we would be looking to use our unique email techniques to drive out warm leads and use the telephone to follow up, profile and qualify and book appointments.

On the other hand, some clients have a niche offering where the audience is small and where it is important to research, engage and nurture each prospect in detail. In this case, we might help the client build the prospect database from scratch and telephone becomes the lead medium to engage and nurture supported by email (and mail at board level).

For some clients both campaigns may be required to cover a both a volume audience and nominated key accounts in which case both approaches can be implemented concurrently.


At Ignite we help sales and marketing teams develop a contact strategy for customers and lapsed customers to keep data fresh, and maximise customer retention and development opportunities. It is natural for sales teams, charged with meeting sales targets to concentrate on customers and sites where business is more readily available.

Often there is insufficient sales time to explore other divisions and other sites within the customer base or sites where opportunities are less frequent. In these circumstances we encourage a telephone and email based programme to expand key account penetration and keep out competition.

Where a client has a customer base too large for individual field sales contact we help develop a marketing led contact strategy that might involve a telesales team and email promotional campaigns We also help clients with large customer bases, to run campaigns to reactivate lapsed clients, and to understand and improve 'share of purse'.

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