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We help marketing and sales teams improve the volume, quality and consistency of their internal lead generation activities. Or we source and manage external agencies to deliver complimentary services for you.

In increasingly lean companies, decision makers have less time to consider the change represented by adopting new products, services or suppliers. When they do the internet provides a wealth of information. So responding to lead generation campaigns only becomes important at a critical later point in the buying process.

And marketeers have more options to consider when spending budget – mail, email, telephone, events, social all have a place but where should money be spent and how should channels be integrated to achieve the best results?

The result is that overall response levels are dropping, there is dilution across channels, and the cost per lead is increasing.

At Ignite we have a wealth of sector by sector lead generation experience built up over 30 years working on both the client and the agency side.

We help our clients construct and manage strategic lead generation programmes either in-house or through agencies or a combination of both.

We can also help source and manage specific one-off services such as CRM system specification and management, data enhancement & maintenance, email and telephone appointment generation, event management & attendance, inbound enquiry management, surveys and mystery shopping.

Most importantly we help build bridges between or clients’ marketing and sales teams and drive lower cost per lead and higher lead to sale conversion rates .

Set your sales alight with Ignite

Consultant Profile:

Ian Rawlins

Ian is a fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing and is the managing consultant at Ignite.

After an early career on the client side in consumer marketing, Ian spent over 30 years working in and running marketing services agencies providing mail, email, telephone and database services with a focus on B2B lead generation.

As a result, Ian has built up extensive knowledge of lead generation techniques, and results across a diversity of business sectors and marketing channels.

Ian can help clients improve their internal lead generation activities and / or can help clients select and manage appropriate agencies.

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