Advisory Services

Ignite helps companies improve the volume, quality, consistency and cost-efficiency of their lead generation.

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Lead Generation Options

Most companies undertake their lead generation activities in-house to some degree Marketing teams may be organising email or telephone campaigns, or on-line or off-line events Enquiries requiring further qualification may be coming in from the company's web-site and from social media campaigns.

Sales teams may be charged with generating their own new business opportunities as well as perhaps looking after a portfolio of existing customers.

Channel and Proposition Choice

Trying to decide what campaigns to run, through what channels, with what proposition to what audience, and when, is a challenge especially without the benefit of knowing how your company compares to the propositions and activities of others in your sector. What does 'good' look like We use our experience of many companies lead generation activities and results across many different sectors to help bench-mark our client's performance, make recommendations and manage improvement.

Some of the areas we are involved in are shown below but we tailor our service to the specific needs of each client.

Lead Generation Performance Audits & Workshops

We provide a number of short, sharp tailored audits and workshops to provide insight and help improve lead generation for your business.